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Helping Commercial and Residential policy-holders expedite and maximize their claim’s settlement!

Maximize your settlement

On average a good public adjuster can get over 300% more on a claim than the original settlement made by the insurance carrier.  Lioness Claims, LLC has experience with many desk adjusters personally and we do not allow adjusters to push us around.  Our owner is IICRC Certified in Water and fire mitigation as well as odor control. She is certified in mold testing and abatement . She also holds an asbestos testing and abatement certification. and will go toe-to-toe with any adjuster, mitigation company, or contractor.  We will never stop advocating for you until you are satisfied, and your home or business is returned to pre-loss condition.

We work for you

A public insurance adjuster usually does not get paid until a loss settlement is agreed upon and the insurance company mails a check.   Lioness Claims, LLC works on a contingency basis, which means we do not get paid unless you do.  If you do not get a payout, you owe Lioness Claims, LLC nothing.  Even if we work a year on a claim for you and can never get anywhere with the insurance company and/or adjuster, our motto is “NO RECOVERY, NO FEE” and will continue to be.   However, it is in the best interest of our clients and ourselves to always get the maximum payout possible.

We take over the claim!

When an insurance loss happens, it can be devastating and stressful.  Lioness Claims, LLC will help you through the process by handling everything on the insurance side.  When you hire Lioness Claims, LLC, it is similar to hiring a lawyer.  Even though we do not, and cannot, practice law, the insurance carrier, their adjuster, any independent adjuster involved, and even mitigation and construction companies now will HAVE to deal with us, and us alone.  This makes for streamlining the claim and it only channels through our assigned adjuster.  We can help explain payment delays to mitigation and construction companies as many of these claims do not close quickly, especially when a public insurance adjuster is involved, because we advocate for you and don’t let the insurance company push you around just so you will settle for what they want to pay.

Water Claims

A water loss can be more complicated than other claims.  Our owner is IICRC certified in water mitigation and will go toe-to-toe with anyone regarding the water damage process and coverage.

Fire Claims

We have experience with large fire losses whether it is residential or commercial.  Our adjusters will make sure the insurance carrier pays you everything you are owed.  

Theft / Vandalism Claims

When you experience a break-in, it can be extremely scary.  Many vandalism and theft claims happen actually during the claim reconstruction process while the home is vacant.  Vagrants will break-in and take over.

Wind / Hail Claims

Here in the US we have issues with wind and hail storms popping up all of the sudden, and they are serious.  They will rip a roof right off.  We have years of experience in roof losses as well as hail damages and know how to navigate the process.

You have experienced an insurance loss at your home or business, now what do you do?  Whether it be fire, water, vandalism or theft, Lioness Claims, LLC can help you ASAP. We are your relentless advocate against the big insurance carriers, whose job is to deny your claim, whether it should be covered or not.  Our job is to prove to them that coverage exists in your homeowners or businessowners policy, expose them, and have them payout 100% of what you are owed, based on your policy.  The insurance companies have many resources at their disposal and their adjusters are instructed to minimize their losses.  After all, they are huge “for profit” organizations.   Just because you have been paying your premiums on time for 30 years, that is not really their concern.  Insurance carriers and their management have trained their employees and adjusters to protect the insurance company’s interests at all costs.  We have years of experience dealing directly with the insurance carriers. Lioness Claims, LLC is a member of the national organization NAPIA (National Organization of Public Insurance Adjusters) who vet public adjusters and advocate on our behalf.   Lioness Claims, LLC wants to form an alliance with you to fight the selfish insurance carriers.

Lioness Claims, LLC always evaluates your claim and your policy for free including an on-site inspection of the loss.   We will always be up-front and honest with you.   Sometimes, you may not even need to hire us, but we can tell you what to say to your adjuster to help the claim move along more quickly.  Remember, there is never any up-front cost.

So, whether you have been affected by fire, water, theft, wind/hail, or vandalism, Lioness Claims, LLC has the experience and tenacity to get you your maximum payout.  After all, you do pay insurance premiums for a reason.

So call us today and let’s discuss your claim and get it headed down the right path.   We are only here for you!


22:13 03 Jul 23
Peggy has helped us thought the claim, from the beginning to the end. It was a stressful situation until she took over. Her experience is second to none! We never had to speak to the adjuster again, and she had a check for us within a week. Thanks again Peggy you're highly recommended.
Beto Delh ContractorsBeto Delh Contractors
14:58 23 Jun 23
Absolutely top organization. As a contractor, I recommend the involvement of a public adjustor for process of an insurance claim, and I've had no better experience and results than with Lioness Claims, LLC. Peggy Martin not only runs a tight organization there, but really has in depth experience with preparing a claim and the construction process to restore. I had a customer being offered $14,000. to restore her flood incident... Could not be done. Peggy Martin and her team came in and made sure all damages were accounted for and funded to properly restore including damaged furniture. That $14,000. offer turned into a $56,000. claim for a proper restoration. Highly recommend Lioness Claims, LLC.
20:17 21 Jun 23
If you want a champion in your corner call Peggy. I had been fighting for months to resolve a water damage claim. The only such claim I’d had in my life, even though I’ve had multiple properties and several rental properties over the last decade.The tale is too long to tell. Suffice it to say, the walls were closing in. The insurance company refused to honor the multiple bids to restore my property that they requested I seek. Their in-house contractor’s proposal was so laughable, that after I acquiesced and said “just do it” the contractor was too busy, yet the threat to cut of my loss of income did not stop. That’s when I reached out to Peggy, who in days had the claim settled for more than any of the claims I had previously provided. She completely took the stress off of me. She got right past all the people who are paid to say “no”, pushed my claim to their top management and got a quick settlement.I am not a lightweight and was still exhausted by the process. What I could not get done in six months Peggy did in a week. Having a settlement in a week may not be everyone’s experience but clearly it happened to me. After you meet Peggy, her credentials and experience will give you comfort. As nice as she is, is as tough as she can be. Had I known Peggy before the 6 months of torture, I’d have handed the headache off to her immediately……
Peggy is an amazing public adjuster. Professional and friendly, absolutely would recommend.
18:10 28 Mar 23
I opened up a claim from my Insurance company (Allstate) which they approved it and after they approved the demolition process too they denied the claim shortly after. I had both my bathroom destroyed for about 2 months. I was very frustrated of going back and forth with them about it because they just kept giving me dead end answers and pretty much left me liable with thousands of dollars in repairs. I knew that wasn’t right so I researched for advice on who can help with the claim and that’s where I ran into Lioness Claims. They were AWESOME and Niel May my public adjuster was able to get my claim overturned in about 2 months. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family that need a fight with these snaky insurance companies.Thanks again team!God bless.
cathy medinacathy medina
03:29 09 Mar 23
If you are searching for a public adjuster SEARCH NO MORE!!! 👀👀👀In my opinion I believe in my heart PEGGY is the best public adjuster !!! I found Lioness Claims searching on Google. Before this I was so stressed out crying daily trying to deal with the insurance company myself !!When I first called LIoness claims Peggy answered the phone. I explained the entire situation to her, she asked several questions and was able to answer all my questions. We were on the phone for about 1 hour and 30 mins. She quickly set up an appointment to meet at my residence for a walk through and inspection. She viewed everything and explained everything to me. She was hired before I even met with her, she just didn’t know it lol. I knew right away after our phone conversation. She is very very smart and knowledgeable 🧠🧠🧠 in insurance claims and everything there is to know about insurances💯.One of the best things I love about Peggy is that she is as honest as them come and will tell you straight up!She does not beat around the bush! AGAIN, SHE DOES NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH!Before all of this, I never even knew what a public adjuster was 😔. Lucky I found Lioness Claims🙏🏼Before I found her company I was stressed out, calling and arguing with the insurance almost everyday🤬😤😣😭🤕My house had been destroyed and it was going to take months for my house to be redone. The insurance company was trying to keep us in a hotel the entire time. We have 2 kids and 3 big dogs!🤬That was a huge NO NO!! These insurance companies will try and give you dimes and nickels if they could!! They don’t care about you or your family!! They will take their time and keep you stressed, on purpose! They want you to give up!! That’s why they do what they do! If you don’t want to deal with them then call Peggy ASAP☎️ she is a life saver!The moment you have a public adjuster involved the insurance goes directly through her which is AWESOME !! Kinda like a lawyer, they deal with her instead of you. She will be the middle man working her ass off to get you the best coverage possible. Why, you ask❓❓Well because she knows what she’s doing. She wants the best for her clients. She gets a percentage. It’s her job. Most importantly, SHE ON YOUR SIDE, PERIOD‼️‼️THATS WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE HER ‼️‼️ She will always keep you in the loop and let you know everything that’s going on. I love how she explains everything in detail. She will handle everything for you and most importantly FIGHT for you!!!SHE IS ON YOUR SIDE, REMEMBER THAT!!!👊🏼Peggy knows what she’s doing and exactly how to do it!! I will recommend Peggy 💯 FOREVER 🙌🏽 because she saved my family and I. No words can describe how thankful I am for finding her. PEGGY IS TRULY THE BEST 💕
Neil MayNeil May
00:47 23 Feb 23
I have worked for this company for 6 months. I previously worked for one of the largest insurance carriers and was considered one of the good guys. I worked for the insurance carrier for 24 years and my last year I worked 7 days a week over 12 hour days but did it for the customers. I left to work at Lioness Claims and have been able to assist more clients. The insurance companies use their policies to find ways to deny coverage. I use their policy language to get claims covered and sometimes overturned. We can't help everyone but we try.I like the team I work with and the experiences we provide for our customers.How a company treats it's employees and vendors makes all of the difference.
Marine BaghdasaryanMarine Baghdasaryan
01:33 10 Feb 23
I would highly recommend calling Lioness Claims LLL, Public Adjuster when you feel like you are getting ripped off by your insurance to protect your rights on your home policy Ins coverage . I was a victim of a tenant from hell, who pretty much destroyed my property/vandalized. I filed a water damage claim and vandalism. Farmers insurance gave me an estimate of 20K, Peggy and Neil were able to get me +50k. Peggy and Neil are very experienced, great to work with. It’s been a pleasure working with both . Thank you Peggy and Neil for everything you have done for me, very much appreciated!!
Michael RobertMichael Robert
15:40 27 May 22
I had a pretty bad flood and found lioness claims threw google. Peggy came in and organized everything and everyone. She fought hard for my home and knew exactly what to do from start to finish. My insurance company fought us the whole way but threw her persistence and motivation we got every dollar needed to put my house back together the way it should be. So glad I found her. You rock Peggy
Annette FuentesAnnette Fuentes
03:37 27 May 22
Peggy has worked on a house claim for me since September 2022. She worked with a Contractor who took forever and very difficult to deal with. Peggy remained persistent and very professional during all interactions. She works hard for her clients and is extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend my friends and family to her Company.
Steve LSteve L
20:38 12 Jan 21
My name is Steven Lai, owner /operator of a professional water and mold remediation company. On many occasions, my clients also need the services of a Public Adjuster and I found none as professional as Peggy Martin.Without hesitation, I strongly endorse Ms. Martin as a Public Adjuster. For years I have found her professionalism and attention to detail to be very valuable for my clients and my business. Her experience in the field and extensive knowledge of construction and the insurance industry have saved my residential and commercial clients many thousands of dollars and time. Her well established relationships with vendors and insurance companies help expedite insurance claims to a successful resolution.Peggy Martin is tenaciously persistent, and is dedicated to making sure my clients always receive an extremely thorough claim that is processed quickly, professionally, and efficiently.I strongly endorse Peggy Martin.
M YoungM Young
19:30 21 Aug 20
I own a condominium in Henderson NV and received water damage from another unit. My property was severely damaged and though I filed a claim promptly with the insurance companies and HOA, months went by with no cooperation regarding my claim. After months of zero cooperation and no response, I contacted an attorney who referred me to Peggy Martin, a Public Adjuster specializing in insurance law and claims.How I wish I had found Peggy sooner, she immediately got the ball started rolling and within a short period of time I received a check for approximately 90% of the estimated damages. But she wasn’t satisfied with this and continued pushing until I received full payment for damages.I truly believe I would still be in limbo if it were not for her. It really makes a difference who represents you. She kept me in the loop with all correspondence, was well versed with insurance law and policies and did not let up on them until my claim was 100% paid in full.I would highly recommend Peggy Martin to anyone who is having issues with their insurance company. It is so important to have someone in your court fighting for you who knows and understands insurance and the process. It is amazing how these companies and associations who are in the business have such little understanding of insurance law or how claims are handled.
Chuck KellerChuck Keller
15:39 05 Feb 20
I have worked with Peggy for a couple of years now. I have never met a better adjuster. She is organized, communicative, and truly cares about her job. She helped my business succeed. No one cares about the client more than Peggy. Lioness Claims is an excellent choice to help with any insurance issue. Highly recommended. You can contact me for reference anytime. - Chuck Keller, Acme Claims Las Vegas.