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Fire Claim Public Adjuster

Your home has just been destroyed by fire. All your belongings are gone, and your family is left without a home. This is a devastating event that turns your entire world upside down. We are a public adjusting firm who truly cares for our clients and will make sure all clients are made 100% whole from their insurance carrier. After all, you pay insurance premiums for a reason.

The first thing to do after a fire loss is immediately contact your insurance company. Do not give too many details of how the loss happened as this is a devastating time and event for you and you may incorrectly state something that insurance could try and use against you later. You may also immediately call a public adjuster after the loss, and they will be able to open the claim for you with your insurance carrier, which will lead to less issues down the road. Lioness Claims, LLC will request a certified copy of your policy from the carrier to see exactly what coverages are afforded to you. It is always better if a public adjuster is involved from the VERY beginning.

Most fire claims do not settle quickly. Our public adjusters will make sure you are given living accommodations that meet the same style of living you are accustomed to and entitled to, which is based on your insurance policy. If your house was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with a pool, then that is what we will help find you to stay in until repairs are completed. Normal fire claims may settle within 90-120 days, but we always stay on top of the adjusters to push for a quicker resolution. Unfortunately, there are occasions where it may take longer to get a resolution from the insurance company due to various reasons that may arise. Not all fire claims are the same.

Lioness Claims, LLC is not your normal public adjusting firm. Our goal is to forge long lasting relationships with our clients. We try to go above and beyond for all our customers. Lioness Claims, LLC is open 24/7 for your convenience. We will always respond in a timely manner as our clients always come first. We answer our cell phones whether is it 5am on a Sunday or 1am on a Tuesday. We are here for you!

Licensed public adjusters are allowed by law to work with you the insurance carriers on behalf of their customers to deal with complex fire claims. A public adjuster will act as an advocate on behalf of you (the insured) to help guide you through the claims process. Insurance carriers will not typically offer a serious reimbursement for the fire loss. The role of the public adjuster in a fire claim is to protect the rights of our clients to be compensated fairly for all damages.

Lioness Is a trusted advocate for you (the homeowner) during the entire claims process. We will assess the loss free of charge and thoroughly document all damages and begin negotiations with the insurance carrier. We can find unknown damages that may be an issue later. These unknown damages are rarely discovered by an independent adjuster or desk adjuster from your insurance carrier. Our public adjusters work for you to prove, document, and evaluate the loss to get you the maximum payout possible for your loss.

Are you a business owner who has experienced a fire / smoke loss? Fire damage claims can be extremely complex, especially when the commercial building has tenants. In a scenario such as this, you will have to see what coverages you have to help tenants with their losses. Even though they should have renter’s insurance, you cannot count on that. Lioness Claims, LLC can evaluate your commercial policy to reveal any lacking coverages. We do all of that for free whether you hire us or not!

Important: When you have a commercial or residential loss it is your duty as the insured to mitigate any further damages. This is a common reason insurance carriers use to deny claims.

Homeowners and businessowners must be cautious about working with contractors or unlicensed claim adjusters. Many times, these individuals are not working on your behalf but instead, advocating for the insurance carrier. Before you contact any public claim adjuster, be sure they hold a valid license. You can look up their company license information with the Department of Insurance in your state.

Lioness Claims, LLC is licensed as a public adjuster in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, California, Texas, and Florida. Our owner is IICRC certified in Water Mitigation. She can, and will, go toe-to-toe with any mitigation company, contractor, or insurance adjuster out there. You can check –our testimonials section to see real client reviews. We can also provide contact information for any reviewers so that they can talk to you about their experience with Lioness Claims, LLC.

Our goal at Lioness Claims, LLC is to help the public understand what a public adjuster can do for you.