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Theft Claim Public Adjuster

Experiencing a burglary or home invasion is obviously a stressful situation.  Lioness Claims can help with every step of the claims process to recover money for your stolen or damaged property. The first thing to do in any theft situation is to call the police and file a report immediately.  Make the police report as accurate as possible.  Of course, you may not remember everything that has been taken immediately, but you can call and add to the police report and the list of contents for insurance, as you remember or realize additional items are missing. 


The next thing you will need to do is report the loss to your insurance carrier, either yourself or through a public adjuster.   Filing the claim needs to be done as quickly as possible.  The insurance carrier will want the police report, any receipts, and pictures of items taken if you have them.  We must provide proof that at least some of these stolen or damaged items existed. Failing to properly estimate damages and values of stolen items is the most common cause of underpayment, so we work diligently with you to determine the true value of any items, cash, jewelry, or other valuables that are stolen, and obtaining the documentation to provide insurance.  Payment for some of these items may be limited, based on your insurance policy.

When you hire Lioness Claims, you can rest easy and know that we are taking care of every aspect of your insurance claim.  We are here to help you understand each step of the claim process.  We communicate with the insurance carrier and work with repair contractors (if needed).  We can help you minimize the legwork required to get your claim settled.

Theft is the act of stealing; the taking of your personal property with the intent to deprive you of ownership. Vandalism is malicious destruction of your property. If you experienced a burglary, you more than likely had items taken from you and your property may also have vandalism, broken glass, doors frames, drywall, etc.

There are five basic types of vandalism which include broken glass/structure vandalism, graffiti, arson, tenant vandalism, and vagrant vandalism damage.  The last two are the most common in Las Vegas.  Many tenants get disgruntled and destroy things before abruptly leaving.   Vagrants have become more sophisticated and work as a network in cities like Las Vegas.   Many of our own property claims that are in the middle of mitigation or re-construction get broken into by vagrants.  Vagrants will set fires, set up tents, steal power and cable even from neighbors, spray graffiti and just destroy your property for fun.  Surprisingly, they can destroy a home in just one night.


Lioness Claims is here to help.  We understand the annoyance for property management companies and landlords to have disgruntled tenants destroy your property.

LANDLORDS:  Always require tenants to carry renters’ insurance AND REQUIRE YOURSELF, YOUR COMPANY OR PROPERTY MANAGENT COMPANY BE NAMED AS AN ADDITIONAL INSURED ON THE POLICY.  This will allow you to be notified should the tenant provide proof of renter’s insurance to secure the lease and then cancel that policy once they have moved in.  It is also a secondary measure of protection for you.