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Wind Claim Public Adjuster

Wind Damage is very common in the US, since we face plenty of strong storms and wind that sometimes pops up from nowhere. Losses that can occur such as roof damage, missing shingles, downed fences / trees, broken windows, vehicle damage. Our expertise includes condominium losses, condo complexes, commercial losses, and residential losses. With our adjusting experience, our knowledge of insurance policies, and our knowledge of state statutes and codes, we are second to none when it comes to adjusting even large commercial roof claims.

After the storm has passed, it is very important that you properly address and identify the obvious damage and the underlying issues.

Wind and Hail damage from storms often cause other issues that are not easily visible. You want to make sure you don’t miss these important benefits and issues. We encourage you to contact us early to discuss what we can do to help you in your wind damage claim, so we can advocate for you from the beginning.

Hail can destroy just about anything it touches, which can be devastating.  Hail damage claims sometimes can have coverage issues.  Your carrier may tell you your home or business isn’t covered because the damage didn’t affect your roofing’s functionality.

Sometimes insurance carriers will only replace a small area of your roof; this can leave you with a patched roof instead of a full replacement like your policy outlines.

Your insurance company may delay the claim processing, minimize your payout, and even attempt to deny claims stating no weather events on the date of loss that would have caused the type of damage being claimed.  We must prove to them that others were affected and that the day of the loss there was other damage in the same vicinity.  Lioness Claims, LLC adjusters, however, serve policyholders directly. We are not employed by any insurance agency – we work directly with our clients and serve as a liaison to insurance companies.

When you choose to work with a public insurance adjuster, you’ll get several benefits. First, we understand how to deal with insurance companies, and can streamline the process of filing a claim. Second, we know how to document the damage to your home or business to get a maximum payout and make sure that you get the money that you deserve. Finally, we can help you avoid common mistakes that may result in a claims denial, such as failing to document damage, or performing repairs before an insurance company examines your property. We fight for you during every step of the insurance claim process and help you get the money that you deserve.