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Water Claim Public Adjuster

Water damage can occur many ways in your home or business.  Whether it is a reverse osmosis system failure, supply line leak, or even sewer backup, Lioness Claims, LLC can help.  There are two different classifications of water damage that can occur.  A water loss becomes what is called “Category 3” after the water has been sitting for three days with no mitigation, or if the water is sewage, it is automatically considered Category 3 water damage.  If the water is considered grey water (for instance from unclean water such as a washing machine) and sits for several days, it also becomes Category 3 water damage.  Often a leak can come from a frozen and burst pipe during winter.  Within moments, the ceilings, walls, and floors of your home can be damaged along with expensive electrical systems and your contents.  Also, the moisture from water damage can lead to mold growth, making your home unsafe. The immediate need to clean up and control as much damage as possible may delay you in the beginning but organizing a plan for the handling of your water damage claim will be vital to your recovery.

VERY IMPORTANT:  It is your DUTY as the insured to mitigate any further damage IMMEDIATELY.   Take photos of the damage and document when the loss occurred and any contents that were damaged by water.  Failure to do so, may give the insurance carrier an excuse to deny your water claim.  So, as soon as a water loss occurs, the most important thing you need to do is begin proper emergency mitigation.  Removal and dry out should begin ASAP.  How a water damage loss is handled within the first 24 hours is critical to the outcome and settlement amount.  Also, keeping home inspection paperwork and performing documented yearly maintenance will bode well in your favor when dealing with the insurance carrier.

For those who have had no prior experience in handling insurance claims, the policy language can be very confusing at best. To receive fair compensation for a loss, it is advantageous to have an experienced claims adjuster advising you as the method for handling such losses can be highly technical and impact the way the settlement is determined.


After you have a water loss, you will need to get a plumber and mitigation company out.  You may have to pay for some out-of-pocket expenses up front to prevent further damage and mold growth by installing blowers and vacuuming up water.  If your damage occurs over a weekend and you are unsure of who to contact for water mitigation, you can contact Lioness Claims, LLC for help.  We have worked with many water mitigation companies and plumbers and we can provide you with the names of companies who can respond immediately to help you begin the mitigation process.

No insurance carrier will cover long term damage.  For example, if you find that your supply line has been slowly leaking from under your sink and has been creating mold, that usually will not be covered.  It is important for you to periodically check your supply lines under your sinks and toilets to make sure there is no corrosion or leaks.


Mana block water systems are also typical points of failure.  Since mana blocks are still within current code, we run into these issues quite often as well.


Law and Ordinance or code upgrades can be purchased as an additional item on your policy, If you have this coverage on your policy, that will allow for plumbing or other necessary improvements to bring the structure up to current code.  If the walls are already cut open to fix a water leak, usually insurance will cover code upgrades at that time.  Older homes typically should have law and ordinance coverage for your protection,


Our team of public adjusters will work on your behalf and negotiate with your insurance company for a maximum claim recovery.
We love helping everyday people during a devastating time in your life and hope we can ease the process for you.  As your trusted advisors, we are fluent with insurance policy terms and conditions. Lioness Claims will evaluate and document your property’s water damage in full detail to make sure you receive the optimum amount to recover.  That’s why, whether you need residential policy holder services or need a commercial insurance adjuster, you should contact Lioness Claims right away.