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Are you looking for A residential Public Adjuster or commercial Public Adjuster to help you after a fire at your home or business? At Lioness Claims, LLC we’re always here to help you get the services you need after a fire has damaged or destroyed your property. Read on and learn more about how a public adjuster can help you recover quickly. Many people think they need to hire a lawyer when they have a fire or large loss to fight the insurance company, which is not necessarily the case. Public Adjusters are just as effective, or even more effective than a lawyer, because they know insurance. You wouldn’t hire a Public Adjuster to go to court for you, right? Insurance companies are fearful of a Public Adjuster because they know Public Adjusters will make certain the claim is handled properly and they will advocate for their client to get them paid everything they deserve.
Do I Need A Public Adjuster To Help With A Fire Damage Claim?
After you have suffered a devasting loss, you may not know what to do next or who to turn to and you may be wondering what to do next or if you need a commercial or residential Public Adjuster in Las Vegas, Nevada to help with your claim. If you have already started working with your insurance company and they are delaying or not paying your claim on time, or they are claiming that some of your damage is not covered, a Public Adjuster is just what you need.
Unlike your insurance company’s adjuster, a Public Adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. This means you can get a more objective understanding of the damage to your home or business – and receive what you’re entitled to as a policy holder. After all, you pay your premiums every month so that in the event of a fire (or any other loss) and you are supposed to be protected by your insurance policy for the damage.
How Can A Public Adjuster help With A Fire At My Home Or Business?
Here are a few ways a public adjuster can help you with your fire damage claim at your home or business.
• Assess the fire damage and any related damages from the fire. Not only will your public insurance adjuster help identify damages caused directly by the fire, but also issues like water damage caused by a broken pipe during a fire, soot damage, smoke damage, and soot damage to ensure all the damages caused directly by the fire are appropriately identified. A fire can cause damage to other adjacent units and/or buildings. Your public insurance adjuster will also help identify if any other damage needs to be addressed.
• Public Adjusters are your advocate and can anticipate loopholes or exceptions when it comes to fighting the insurance company for the compensation you deserve. If your insurance company tries to deny your claim or find loopholes that will minimize your payout, your public adjuster can anticipate these issues and provide the facts and evidence that will help support your case, ultimately getting you paid for everything your policy provides.
• A Public Adjuster can also help with finding contractors and fire cleanup/restoration service companies. Most Public Adjusters have a lot of connections in the local community. A good Public Adjuster can help you find reputable contractors, fire damage and/or water damage cleanup and restoration services, and other professionals who can help you restore your home or business to pre-loss condition. When you have a fire, the fire department usually does destructive testing in areas such as attics and walls to ensure there are no smoldering embers that could rekindle and cause another fire. They will also use a large amount of water to put out a fire, which will cause additional damage over and above just what the fire damaged or destroyed. This is secondary damage that your insurance policy should also cover.
A Public Adjuster is trained to present the facts and evidence of your claim in a fair and just manner to the insurance company and ensure that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you by using loopholes or failing to compensate you adequately.
A Public Adjuster will also meet third parties, such as structural engineers, contractors, City or County officials, at your home or business to discuss and assess the damages and make sure they see all areas of damage to help ensure everything is documented correctly for the insurance company, allowing you to get paid for everything you are entitled to.
Whether you need a residential Public Adjuster in Las Vegas, Nevada, or you’re searching for a commercial Public Adjuster in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lioness Claims, LLC is here to help you and take the stress out of dealing with the insurance company. After all, you have already suffered enough stress with the damage from the fire loss alone, so don’t try and go it alone and take on the insurance company by yourself which will add more stress for you. Let a competent and knowledgeable Public Adjuster from Lioness Claims, LLC help you through this very stressful time.
Lioness Claims, LLC is a Public Adjusting company based in Las Vegas Nevada. We are available twenty-four hours a day and will be there to help you through the loss from a fire (or any other loss) advocating for you and fighting the insurance company on your behalf. The owner was previously an Independent Adjuster in Las Vegas, Nevada and worked for the insurance companies, so we know the tricks the insurance companies try to play and how they attempt to pay the least amount possible on your claim. Call us to discuss your claim and see how we can help you fight the insurance company and get you paid what you deserve and not just settle for what the insurance company wants to offer you to settle your claim.