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When it becomes time for you to purchase or renew your homeowner insurance policy or maybe a commercial insurance policy for your business, you should be extremely cautious of what you are purchasing.

Did you know that approximately 85% of most property damage claims reported to insurance companies are water damage claims?  Anything from a broken pipe, shower leak, air conditioner leak, water heater leak, toilet or kitchen supply line or maybe just a toilet overflow. All these losses accumulate to comprise the majority of water damage insurance claims.  These types of property claims can settle for far more than meets the eye.

Lately we have encountered many homeowners that have an endorsement in their policy that contains a “’water damage exclusion”.  When you are purchasing or renewing a homeowner’s insurance policy you may be getting anywhere from $200 -$700 off your premium payment.  You are given this discount because you are basically giving up your coverage on any type of water damage to your property and basically leaving you and your home or business uninsured against water damages (which is the majority of property damage claims reported).

Remember a small discount in your premium can cost you in the thousands if you are not properly insured and carry the right insurance.

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